Variegate Polyaspartic Stain Sealer


Simple By Design

No acids, just instant beauty. Flexmar makes it simple with Variegate stain sealer!

Whether it's the luxurious look of polished marble or the bold playfulness of a blue sky, Variegate® polyaspartic stain sealer can give your space the one-of-a-kind look you want! Our revolutionary system makes it possible in just hours, not days or weeks! 

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The Look of A Flexmar Variegate Stain-Sealer

By using a variety of color combinations and application techniques, our qualified applicators can achieve just about any look. Imagine the possibilities! Perfect for properly prepared concrete slabs, pavers, wood underlayment, or even existing VCT tile or ceramic tile, Variegate stain sealer can set the tone for your interior or exterior area.


A finished Flexmar Variegate floor offers a clean, beautiful surface that shows natural variations in color and color density, based on substrate porosity, subtle high and low spots in the surface, and application method. It can resemble mossy stone, polished marble or a wispy sky—pretty much anything you can imagine!


Application Focus

Designers Edge Spa: : A beautiful floor for a beautiful facility

High-end spa requires a floor that looks right.

Designer’s Edge Hair Studio & Bella Vita Garden Spa is a European-style luxury spa and salon that wanted a floor treatment that would create a refined, sophisticated look that could stand up to the salon’s chemical residues and heavy foot traffic with minimal maintenance. 


Guide Specifications

Learn more about Flexmar High-Variegate Color Stain System

Flexmar Variegate Color Samples

Flexmar Variegate Polyaspartic Stain-Sealer coatings, before and after:

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4X More Durable Than Epoxies


Impervious to Chemicals


Scratch Resistant


Chip Resistant


Color Won't Fade or Yellow


Ingomar Fire Station Floor

FLEXMAR® Proudly Protects the Concrete Floors of Those Who Protect Our Communities


Ingomar VFC knew that they needed a different type of concrete coatings system that would limit any disruption to the fire company’s operations during the application, and then hold up to the tough abuse that these floors face on a daily basis to provide long-lasting protection and good looks. A polyaspartic coatings system for the floor was recommended by a member of the board of directors.

Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company Variegate Stain-Sealer Application

Flexmar provides coating solutions for both interior and exterior concrete coatings for your home.

Commercial Flooring that eliminates costly maintenance and reduces cleaning time.  3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after first coat of Flexmar NextGen.

Flexmar offers tools that will allow you to add a Flexmar Spec to any project in a matter of minutes.

Do you want a concrete floor coating system but can't afford to have your facility lose 1 week of time for installation?  Flexmar NextGen = 3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after the first coat.

Ready for a Flexmar Floor?

Contact us today for more information about Flexmar products, available installation services through our applicator network, or if you need help choosing the right system for your floor.