Garage & Basement Flooring


Commercial Flooring

3 1/2 Hours*

From First Coat of
FLEXMAR NextGen to
Walk-on Return to Service

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic flooring is easy to install.  But that's not the most important feature.  The key is the time it doesn't take for installation.

*2-coat system   500-1,500 sq ft. installation

  • 0-VOC

  • Virtually No Odor

  • All Temperature Installation

  • Non-Yellowing

  • Residential

FLEXMAR provides coating solutions for both interior and exterior concrete coatings for your home.

  • Commercial

Commercial Flooring that eliminates costly maintenance and reduces cleaning time.  3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after first coat of Flexmar NextGen.

  • Architects & Designers

FLEXMAR offers tools that will allow you to add a FLEXMAR Spec to any project in a matter of minutes.

  • Facilities Managers

Do you want a concrete floor coating system but can't afford to have your facility lose 1 week of time for installation?  FLEXMAR NextGen = 3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after the first coat.

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic concrete floor coatings...changing the way flooring
is applied in less time than thought possible.

FLEXMAR provides coating solutions for both interior and exterior concrete coatings for residential and commercial applications.

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic floors have been installed in hundreds of facilities. Learn more about these applications that have solved flooring challenges.

FLEXMAR has the resources you need for a successful project. From color samples to specification documents, you will find the support you need.

If you want to know how we can return floors to walk-on service in 3 1/2 hours from initial application with no odor, learn more from our installation videos and animations.

If you would like to see our projects in real world situations, click here!

Completed Projects

Residential Photo Gallery

If you would like to see our residential projects in real world situations

variegate stain sealer floor
checkered solid color polyaspartic coating
Color Flake Polyaspartic flooring
restaurant polyaspartic flooring
garage solid color polyaspartic coating
penn state locker room polyaspartic flooring
dental office polyaspartic flooring

Commercial Photo Gallery

See our photo gallery for real-world installations of FLEXMAR Polyaspartic Resinous Floor Coatings.

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