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Simple By Design

Our NextGen Clear polyaspartic sealer makes it simple to get the long-term protection for flooring you want to keep beautiful!

Sometimes you need protection from the elements rather than a completely new look. Patios, porches, walkways, and even some garage floors, decks, and other surfaces have inherent beauty. But to retain that beauty, year after year, these surfaces require protection against fading, yellowing, abrasion, chipping, staining, and cracking. FLEXMAR clear sealer can offer the long-term non-yellowing barrier that can keep your surface looking great without re-sealing the surface year after year. 

The Look of A FLEXMAR Clear Polyaspartic Sealer

With FLEXMAR NextGen clear, it's not about making a new statement. It's about making the most out of your existing surfaces. FLEXMAR clear polyaspartic sealer pops the color of your surface and provides a vibrant, always-wet look. Our clear sealer is a true finish—there's no need to re-seal, buff, or polish the surface once it's applied.  

FLEXMAR NextGen clear polyaspartic sealer can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including concrete, stone, pavers, wood, and VCT tile. FLEXMAR clear is also applied to other polyaspartic floor coating systems as a final coat. Like all of FLEXMAR'S quality products, our clear sealer dries and can be returned to normal use in about an hour after application.

clear polyaspartic sealer

Guide Specifications

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4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Impervious to Chemicals


Scratch Resistant

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Chip Resistant

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Color Won't Fade or Yellow

  • Residential

FLEXMAR provides coating solutions for both interior and exterior concrete coatings for your home.

  • Commercial

Commercial Flooring that eliminates costly maintenance and reduces cleaning time.  3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after first coat of Flexmar NextGen.

  • Architects & Designers

FLEXMAR offers tools that will allow you to add a FLEXMAR Spec to any project in a matter of minutes.

  • Facilities Managers

Do you want a concrete floor coating system but can't afford to have your facility lose 1 week of time for installation?  FLEXMAR NextGen = 3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after the first coat.

Ready for a FLEXMAR Floor?

Contact us today for more information about FLEXMAR products, available installation services through our applicator network, or if you need help choosing the right system for your floor.  


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