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Solid Color Polyaspartic Coating

Vibrant color, superior durability, minimal down-time. The choice is simple: solid color polyaspartic coating systems from FLEXMAR Coatings!

Homeowners, auto body shops, big-box stores, and manufacturing facilities love the durable brilliance of FLEXMAR solid color polyaspartic coating systems for their floor surface. With a bold look from FLEXMAR Coatings, it's easy to have a bright, clean-looking, durable floor surface . . . and keep it that way! 

The Look of A FLEXMAR Solid Color Floor

FLEXMAR solid color polyaspartic floor coating systems are about more than providing a single color on the floor. It's about using solid colors to make your floor space exactly what you need it to be. Our qualified applicators can create safety striping for garage and warehouse areas, embed logos and other graphics for commercial floors, and even craft creative designs using multiple colors to make your garage floor a showcase.

garage solid color polyaspartic coating

Guide Specifications

Learn more about FLEXMAR 3-Coat High-Build Solid Color System

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic Colors

From warm, creamy Manila to bright, dazzling royal blue, FLEXMAR solid color polyaspartic coating systems can be formulated in a variety of colors. So your new polyaspartic floor surface can be a subtle accent to your space or a bright focal point. And, of course, you can choose multiple colors and have your FLEXMAR-qualified applicator create a unique design or add safety striping.

A finished FLEXMAR solid color floor is bright, glossy, and has just a slight texture to it. And the floor will retain its appearance—without yellowing or fading due to age or exposure to fluorescent lighting or sunlight—for years to come, with no buffing, polishing, waxing, or re-sealing.

3 1/2 Hours*

From First Coat of FLEXMAR NextGen to Walk-on Return to Service

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic flooring is easy to install. But that's not the most important feature. The key is the time it doesn't take for installation. This time-lapse illustration shows just how quickly your facility will be back in service: 3 1/2 hours.  

For more information visit our FLEXMAR Installation Facts.

*2-coat system/500-1,500 sq ft. installation

From First Coat of FLEXMAR NextGen to Walk-on Return to Service*

2-Coat Installation

3 1/2 Hours Return to Service

3-Coat Installation

5 Hours Return to Service

4-Coat Installation

6 1/2 Hours Return to Service

*2-coat system   500-1,500 sq ft. installation

Flexmar Application Focus Documents

FLEXMAR NextGen Polyaspartic Coatings Provide Superior Durability, Cleanability for Auto Body Center Floor

Collision Care Auto Body Center

Collision Care Auto Body Center required a flooring solution that would match the same quality provided to their auto body customers. FLEXMAR delivered.  

collision center solid color polyaspartic flooring

Learn more about FLEXMAR Polyaspartic floor coatings with these product animations

4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Impervious to Chemicals


Scratch Resistant

chip resistant icon

Chip Resistant

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Color Won't Fade or Yellow

  • Residential

FLEXMAR provides coating solutions for both interior and exterior concrete coatings for your home.

  • Commercial

Commercial Flooring that eliminates costly maintenance and reduces cleaning time.  3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after first coat of Flexmar NextGen.

  • Architects & Designers

FLEXMAR offers tools that will allow you to add a FLEXMAR Spec to any project in a matter of minutes.

  • Facilities Managers

Do you want a concrete floor coating system but can't afford to have your facility lose 1 week of time for installation?  FLEXMAR NextGen = 3 1/2 hours walk-on return to service after the first coat.

Ready for a FLEXMAR Floor?

Contact us today for more information about FLEXMAR products, available installation services through our applicator network, or if you need help choosing the right system for your floor.  


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