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Become a Qualified FLEXMAR Dealer

FLEXMAR= The Original Polyaspartic Floor Coating Company


Dealer Program:

Factory Direct Pricing | No Franchise Fee |  Marketing | Training | Technical Support


Franchise/Like Opportunity

A FLEXMAR “ franchise-like” authorized dealer is a select status level of an existing skilled applicator with proven success or a current franchisee of a similar related business wanting to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.    

No Upfront Franchise Costs or Fees

There are no upfront franchise costs or fees and a FLEXMAR  DEALER will have access to all of the FLEXMAR  brand labeled all-polyaspartic coating systems.

FLEXMAR Marketing Support Program

All FLEXMAR Dealers will participate in the FLEXMAR Marketing Support Program which includes the following: Co-branded Website, Marketing Support Programs,  and remains consistent with the FLEXMAR brand and marketing program. 


This is in addition to training where necessary, technical service support,  marketing support and information sharing with other applicators and dealers. 

Factory Direct Pricing

A major requirement and benefit of a dealer is based on a price advantage of purchasing a full pallet at factory direct prices.  A pallet purchase indicates the success and commitment of the dealer to meet this basic level of achievement. 


FLEXMAR Applicator/Installer

Qualified  Applicators/Installers who may be in small markets or areas of low demand and not able to currently meet the Dealer status but instead wish to purchase FLEXMAR products on a limited job by job basis are eligible for the FLEXMAR Marketing Support Program and all of its benefits.  They also have access to FLEXMAR’s technical service and support and can purchase products through a FLEXMAR Master Distributor or Factory Direct. 

Sale and Resale of FLEXMAR Goods Qualifications

  1. FLEXMAR  Dealers or Applicators are authorized to purchase FLEXMAR Standard or NextGen products for installation sales only.
  2. FLEXMAR products are not available for resale to consumers, Do-It-Yourselfers, other installers or any other parties as individual gallons, kits, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums or totes.
  3. FLEXMAR products are only available for sale as part of a professionally installed floor through  FLEXMAR Qualified Dealers or Applicator/Installers.
  4. FLEXMAR products are only to be installed by Qualified Applicators or Dealers.
  5.  From time to time FLEXMAR Dealers may sell products to one another on an “emergency” job basis to solve installation issues and shortages that may occur due to inaccurate orders or estimations for a job.  This total amount of redistribution of inventory between approved FLEXMAR Dealer and Applicators is not to exceed 5% of total gallons purchased from FLEXMAR for the calendar year without written consent from FLEXMAR.   

FLEXMAR Territories

  1. Protected sales territories are not available with FLEXMAR.
  2. FLEXMAR will assign Dealerships based on the availability of the Dealer or Applicator in the specific market and at the sole discretion of FLEXMAR.   

Learn more about becoming a Qualified FLEXMAR Dealer by sending us your information below or calling us at 877.339.1442

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