Grind and Glaze Flooring Application

With FLEXMAR NextGen Grind and Glaze applications, it's not about making a new statement, it's about making the most out of your existing surfaces. Enhance and protect prepared concrete – giving concrete floor that stunning polished concrete look with a highly durable finish in as little as 2 hours.

Flexmar grind and seal
Flexmar grind and seal
Flexmar grind and seal



Virtually No Odor

FLEXMAR Grind and Glaze

FLEXMAR Grind and Glaze enhances the color of your surface and provides a vibrant, always-wet look. Our clear or tinted sealer is a true finish—there's no need to re-seal, buff, or polish the surface once it's applied.  

The FLEXMAR NextGen clear polyaspartic sealer is applied as a final coat. Like all of FLEXMAR'S quality products, our clear sealer dries and can be returned to normal use in about an hour after application.

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